[Post New]by bronzebed on May 24, 10 10:57 AM
Picked up the dollie in the basement and can't go any further. I don't know what to do with it just stuck walking around with nothing to do



[Post New]by OregonPandora on May 24, 10 11:40 AM
Hi bronzebed. WARNING: SPOILER

Did you pick up wrench by dollie/fork lift near door? Use key in inventory to open door.Enter. Click on papers. Use axe in inventory on barrel where ghost went.(If you don't remember, use hint button) Look at floor. Take photos. Use wrench on 4 screws. Use fork lift/dollie on stone. Good luck.

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[Post New]by HighlandMax on May 24, 10 11:40 AM
You don't use the dollie, til after you use the axe on the barrel, and uncover a bolted down metal plate on the floor. Did you also pick up a wrench on the bench in the outer room of the basement where you got the dollie ? you will need the wrench to open the metal plate. You will get the axe, near a tree near the fountain outside the castle.
I suggest you look at the walkthrough, to find out all necessary steps that must be done before you can do any of the above.

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