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Mysterious Living Room - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Dec 26, 17 5:16 AM
@ Newbies:
'Secrets of Paris' and it's locations have to be opened

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Search for: Rooms of Memory Mysterious Living Room
Search for Wiki expedition page:
Rooms of Memory The Mysterious Living Room

Advanced search refers to 12 pages?
Only page 1 available - 11 pages to make us curious - as usual not available

Old locked threads:

Items are giftable

Locations are:
'The Bellows Manor'
'Secrets of Paris'

Helpers 'Elf', 'Santa Claus', 'Snowman'
all appear in: 'The Bellows Manor'
'Elf' rewards 100 gold, 5 experience
'Santa Claus' rewards 800 gold, 40 experience
'Snowman' rewards 400 gold, 20 experience

No expedition

Expedition room:
'Mysterious Living Room'
stays open 'til the event ends

Reward: 'Chest of Wonders'
Chest contents:

Re:Mysterious Living Room, incl. Christmas fair - (Old) New Offers

[Post New]by Vulcaness on Dec 24, 16 2:49 PM
I had some neighbors asking if Santa's Chest or the Christmas Gift is better to open. I went back to an old thread and found that achumannfaery posted the contents of both. They should be pretty much the same this time.

Christmas Present:
10 summoning scrolls
20 dragon tablets
3 phials of darkness
4 hammers of thor
6 random artifact charges
2 ethereal catalysts
10 magnifying glasses
1 Christmas Spirits trophy
5000 gold
500 experience points.

Santa's Chest:
200 silver tarra cards
1 time amulet
2 bio-modules
3 anaglyph glasses
10 phase watches
1 trophy (Hooray Christmas gifts)
5 hammer of thor
3 marble algae
20 summoning scrolls
10,000 gold
1000 xp's
10 random artifact charges
Score raising (Top 100) 17/09/24 to 17/10/08

Elf, Santa and Snowman
- who of them replaces 'Rudolph' - (?)
Find out
Sir Vival

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Re:Mysterious Living Room - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by Cyberfox277 on Dec 26, 17 5:54 AM
Better late than never

I think I should mention this because of new players... There's a secret item you need to assemble that doesn't show up on the board, the zodiacal thing starts with Aries, of course, so don't leave this till the last minute, you need to assemble two zodiacal items


Re:Mysterious Living Room - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by Stanche on Dec 26, 17 12:15 PM
Where is Christmas Fair?

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Re:Mysterious Living Room - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by Yunikorn on Dec 27, 17 7:24 AM
Note: "2015" is listed as an item to search for in some modes in the Mysterious Living Room; the actual item to find is "2017".

Also: Do NOT use crystals to purchase Christmas Tree Branches need to explore the Mysterious Living Room; you can buy 50 for 10,000 gold in the shop. Plus, once you open the room and run out of Branches in your backpack, you can add them to your gift request list.

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Re:Mysterious Living Room - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by Phoebe1157 on Dec 30, 17 7:08 AM
I have heard that usually a Christmas fair goes along with the mysterious living room but instead traveling circus comes up... Does anyone know if they are going to allow us to play the Fair..? One other question if we except the chest for Mysterious living room does that mean we can't play the Christmas Fair..?
Thanks and Happy New Year Gaming

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Re:Mysterious Living Room - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by afspam on Dec 31, 17 1:53 PM
The Christmas Fair is a completely separate event, no connection to the Mysterious Living Room, other than they're both Christmas related.

If they run the fair, it's basically all about collecting candy and gift wrapping to make gifts which you can give to neighbours. It's similar to the Halloween Fair that ran a few weeks back.

Searching the forum for the Christmas Fair will bring up the old threads so you can find out more.

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