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Nativity Puzzle

[Post New]by Hoggywizard on Dec 26, 17 10:51 AM
For players having problems locating the ANIMALS and the HALO


The animals in the Nativity puzzle are located as follows.
1, The COW is on the top book shelf on the right hand side, just to the right of the candleholder.
2. The DOVE is in the stained glass window, just above the word NOEL.
3. The DONKEY is to the right of the Lectern.
4. The LAMB is in the bottom of the stained glass window, next to the snowman.
5. The CAMEL is on the middle book shelf on the right hand side
6. The black SHEEP which goes in front of the Wise man cloaked in blue, is in the left hand side of the roof of the manger.
7 The Angel Gabriel’s HALO which is quite hard to find too, is located in the middle of the window where the Baby Jesus is lying before he is put in the Crib.

Hope this helps!

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