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Searching a useful RoM forum

[Post New]by sir_vival on Dec 27, 17 4:46 AM
[Removed by Moderator]
- for exchanging RoM related informatioms
- relavant Q&A are leaving page one within hours
- visits of this page are down.
- game related questions a day?
- created discussions a day?
[Removed by Moderator]

Ok, that's my last post in this forum.
See you in the game my friends and neighbours.
I'm willing to come back here, [Removed by Moderator]

Have a happy New Year,
Enjoy the fireworks
Enjoy the game
Carpe Diem
Sir Vival

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Re:Searching a useful RoM forum

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Dec 27, 17 10:56 AM
Hello Everyone,

Recently there has been an unusually high number of spam posts present on our forums. Our Moderator Team appreciates you patience as we work to remove these posts. We understand how difficult spam makes it to navigate the forums, and I want to reassure that we will continue to work as quickly as we can to remove it.

We still ask that players keep the Forum Rules in mind when posting, specifically:

Do not respond to or comment on posts or discussions that break the rules. Report the post or discussion to a moderator. Contributing, even to mention that something breaks the rules, keeps that discussion visible and aggravates the problem.

Commenting on spam posts or discussing spam in new threads can make the spam removal process take longer, as those posts and discussions then must also be addressed/removed. Players are always welcome to PM me or another moderator. You can also report posts by clicking the icon with a red exclamation point in it, which will remove it from the forum until we can review it. Thank you for your time and understanding, as well as for your assistance with this continuing issue.


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