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End of Game

[Post New]by cabanaeast18 on Dec 27, 17 9:32 AM
I've collected all the beans and at the end of game, I think. The problem is, when I click "play" a puzzle comes up. I have played this same puzzle, thinking I have missed something. There is no notice that I have won the game. Can someone tell me if this is the end?!

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Re:End of Game

[Post New]by burf90 on Feb 18, 18 12:16 PM
I just finished and that puzzle is the last thing you do. (It does look nearly exactly - maybe is exactly- like another puzzle from earlier in the game.) Once I finished the puzzle, I got the last bean. Then Snow White popped up to say that the kingdom is saved and she couldn't have done it without your help. The dwarf popped up and said you can go back and play earlier levels to get three stars on all of them. Then I got the last trophies and the game was done.

If you didn't get the ending, maybe you accidentally hit "skip" on the upper right? I just replayed that puzzle again to see if the ending would come up again and it didn't. So, if you missed it somehow, then I guess you'd have to start over with a new profile to see it.

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