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I have a problem...

[Post New]by gilesluver on May 25, 10 6:58 PM
This game is written to be followed in an EXACT order. If you do something out of order, you lose something that might be of vital importance. I missed a conversation with Matisse and couldn't do much of ANYTHING afterward! And there aren't really any hints as to what you should do when. The Hints button is practically useless!

I think this may be done by the same crew who did "Legend of Crystal Valley". It also had issues with obscurity and order of actions.


Re:I have a problem...

[Post New]by OregonPandora on May 25, 10 7:11 PM
Games are by the same developer. I had no problems with either. A couple of times in game it wouldn't let me leave scene and it turned out I hadn;t done something important. So I think if you HAD to talk to Matisse it would not have let you progress too far. I think we have some leeway in this game. So is it possible that you are neglecting to do something else? Did you go back out on bridge and get paper rolls for FAX machine and fix? When FAX comes through, you then take to Matisse. If you are further along then this, then maybe you don't have to talk to him.

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Re:I have a problem...

[Post New]by ivanbral on May 25, 10 11:50 PM
as this is the adventure game it's not strictly linear. there are some things along the way that are not necessary to accomplish to progress.
Matisse is an example of this. If you didn't talk to him, that's ok. you just missed a small part of the game, but you can continue with your investigation.

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