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Traveling Circus - New (old) Offer

[Post New]by glca on Dec 28, 17 2:03 AM
Sir_Vival is temporarily (hopefully) unavailable so I thought I'd try to fill shoes that are impossible to fill.

Wike found: in your browser search wiki, rooms of memory, traveling cirucs.

Past posts:

Sir's post from January, 2017:

Items are giftable

Helpers: 'Hunchback', 'Juggler' & 'Mime'
Appearance: 'Secrets of Paris'

No Dragon

As of Wiki:
The chest contains:

20 Gold Tarra Cards
10 Creature Summoning Scrolls
1 Strawberry Jam
5 Solar Lamps
5 Hammer of Thor
5 Magic Magnifying Glass
15.000 coins
500 XP
About Clowns and Acrobats (Trophy)
Relic charges: 1 Squid Ink, 1 Peat Pellets
Artifact charges: 1 Smouldering Firestone, 1 Swamp Gas, 1 Plasma Battery, 1 Glowing Mushroom, 1 Dragonfly Wing, 1 Silver Pellets, 1 Volcanic Lava, 1 Phantom Blade

As always, the charges may vary, the upper list part up to the trophy is the same for all.

Sorry, the outstanding 'Advanced Forum Search' from BF denied getting further information - 2 pages found, 1 page available

When we were children, circus electrified us.
We couldn't wait for opening and visiting
Citizens of RoM, enjoy
Visit your childhood
Sir Vival

Hope to see you here soon Sir!

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