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Suggestion for managing pink box inventory

[Post New]by BAPPLE on Dec 29, 17 9:30 AM
We are over halfway through the CE. Remember that at some point your inventory will get so low that pink boxes will not drop as often. Not as much of a problem now (you can make trades with children). As with any other item, if you run out or very low the game gets stingy. Last year I could have taken on a few more friends and finished the achievement easily. Instead, I finished this season and I continue to get a few everyday. And I continue to be able to gift. But I understand that friends may gift less.

Enjoy the rest of the event!!!

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Re:Suggestion for managing pink box inventory

[Post New]by TiramaSue on Dec 29, 17 9:49 AM
I don't think drop rate for pink boxes are affected by how many or how few you have in your inventory. I had zero of them on Jan 1, 2017, and had no problem getting them to drop at the average rate that gohill had figured out (approximately 1 every 38 hidden object scenes).

After my experience with the unique stamps the other day, I'm beginning to question whether the drop rate for anything is affected by how many you have in your inventory. Had over 1,300 unique stamps but it took 120 HOS before the game dropped 1. Never, ever, went that long without getting a unique stamp.

But I did get more than the average rate of pink boxes during that stretch, which isn't all that surprising since pet food, stamps, and pink boxes share the same drop slot.

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