[Post New]by gilliandean on Dec 31, 17 7:15 AM
How do you exit this game?
I finally shrank the screen, found the corner 'x' and went from there!
Is this the only way???

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[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Jan 3, 18 4:44 PM
Hi gilliandean,

That's a great question. I tried out the game myself, and it does, indeed, look like the only way to close it is to exit fullscreen mode and then click the X in the top-right of the window. If I find some secret method, I'll update you, but for now that looks like the best bet.

Exiting fullscreen mode can be done by clicking on the 4-arrow button at the corner of the screen (left or right, depending on if you're in a level or on the Main Screen), and it can also be done by hitting the Esc key.

Hope this helps in some way. Have a great day!


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