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[Post New]by fatandfrumpy on Dec 31, 17 10:05 AM
After about fifteen tries, I'm pulling hair. ANY help or tips? I'd be so grateful, as would my hair stylist!

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[Post New]by badgerfann on Jan 1, 18 10:37 AM
Throughout level use speed workers bonus as soon as it beomes available. Collect from food chest until you get farm to level 3. Collect from stone & gold chests all the time.

Collect materials working towards food chest and farm. As soon as possible upgrade worker house. Continue collecting materials towards stone on left and bridge on right. Upgrade house and build farm around the same time. Clear to stone chest and build light bridge.
Clear to wood storage and continue sending a worker until storage is clear. Upgrade farm to level 3, while clearing road to the left. Build bridge, clear stone storage when you have enough materials and continue collecting stone.
Clear stone on right to get to sword. Clear to purple stom on right. Time it when ghost is away and take 10 mana from well. Clear purple storm and send guy to fight ghost on left. Send worker to start taking from gold storage and grab lantern. By this point you should be close to having enough to destroy tower on left. Do this first, then check materials.
When you have enough, clear ghost on right.
Clear to 2nd lantern and destroy right side tower. All the while continue collecting from material storage sheds and mana well until exhausted. Continue collecting from stone & gold chests all the time. Once mana well is collapsed, clear temple by workers house and start sending worker to buy mana. Also start collecting from food chest again
Clear statue at far end of loop, battle monster. Take the large hammer. Finally activate stone circle.

I finished with plenty of time left.

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