The End? I don't think so.

[Post New]by JakeGrean on Dec 31, 17 3:16 PM
Why does Eipix keep ending popular game series, First Sea of Lies, which I really enjoyed, now Amaranthine Voyage, which is my favorite of all my games. One of the few joys I have in my old age was a new Amaranthine Voyage. And now they want to end it? NOT!
They could at least make a sequel here. Remember, n the bonus game, the last thing the Sand Golem said was, "But that's another story." So, to actually complete The Burning Sky, they r going to have to make a sequel and explain what the "other story" is. And hopefully they will change their mind and keep this series going. And while we're on the subject of changing minds, lets change to a male hero. I'm tired of playing the part of a female. I have over two dozen Big Fish sponsored games, and only one, "The Legend Of The Snow Kingdom," has a male hero. Boy, talk about discrimination!

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