Stuck, Please help, spoilers welcome

[Post New]by MonsterHound07 on Jan 1, 18 4:11 AM
I'm currently in the second of the three games. I have half of the idol drawing on paper, all of the idol in the laptop. I have the idol head and the idol hands. But the game won't let me do anything. When I press hint it sends me back to the voting area. When I press hint again it sends me to where the idol is. I am not sure what to do now. I can't seem to do anything or go anywhere. Thanks.

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Re:Stuck, Please help, spoilers welcome

[Post New]by Don_67 on Feb 3, 18 4:28 PM
I'm having the same problem!! I've retraced my steps four times but can't get anywhere. Somebody out there please help us find the other half of the totem clue!!!

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