Potion and Puzzle

[Post New]by luvatrivia on Jan 1, 18 8:08 AM
As another poster said: Can't seem to get ANYTHING from the toy maker. Strategy guide says to talk to him but nothing happens when I do. He wants to make a potion to get through the small door in the toy shop. As another poster on a different forum stated with no replies'."There is no way to move the potion chemicals in inventory to make the potion since it is on another layer." Tin soldier is worthless helping with this also. The walkthrough skips the potion puzzle all together and goes to a puzzle I cannot get to because it cannot be found as you are stuck on the toymaker saying the same thing over and over and there is no scroll, cabinet handle, magic jar or the other things offered to you even with listening to him over and over so you can do anything! Locked forum posts say this stuff already as stated. But I will try to get a glitch fix before I send a ticket since I am weary of doing this. First collectors Edition I bought. Most likely my last. Tired of great reviews with how good a game is when it does not work correctly since you cannot say anything on that in a review. Thank you.

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