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San Francisco Trolley

[Post New]by raindear82 on Jan 1, 18 3:15 PM
Can anyone help me find the 7th Nativity item? I have found:

1-in the star on the front of trolley,
2-in the front trolley window beside the cherub,
3-upstairs house window to the right of the trolley,
4-side window of the trolley near the pirate hat,
5-right side of the car window.

I have looked and looked, but this scene is so dark my 67 year old eyes just can't make out any others and you can't use a hint for these.

Update: It's been a week. I check this scene every day, over and over and I still can't find the other nativity item. I have tried another monitor, my laptop, and my tablet. I have random clicked all the really dark spots and everywhere I can to try to find it myself. I just can't find the other item. Can't anyone out there help??

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