Level 18

[Post New]by AmidalaSky on Jan 2, 18 6:46 PM
How do you get 3 stars on this level?

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Re:Level 18

[Post New]by icypup on Jan 14, 18 1:29 PM
I built up wood to 2nd level as soon as I could, then food, added second worker, sent merry maker to wood ASAP. I built up three workers before I build the bridge in the middle because it takes two of them to build bridge and resources go uncollected. So made sure I had three. . I then made sure the merrymaker was in food and then quarry. Hope that helps.


Re:Level 18

[Post New]by AmidalaSky on Jan 14, 18 4:20 PM
OK, thanks, I'll try that.

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