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Level 10 spoiler/hints

[Post New]by FeyKina on May 29, 10 5:48 PM
This really is one of the best action games since Luxor Afterlife. Here are a few things that worked for me.

If you are having trouble with the last leg of the journey, try this:

- when the heartbeat starts hit menu right away and start the level again. Do this until you win it or score high enough. Sometimes you just get a shitty board and it is better to try for better one.

I played 2 games simultaneously one where I used this method (which is kind of a cheat) and one I played after I learned the way to handle the level.

- always go for the triple/ multiple shots first!
- when you have "sight lines" go for the hard long shots right away even though there are loads of easy shots
- save your "hand" power ups for the "wall" levels when you only have a couple balls in play
- Don't worry about the "cloud god" too much, get the point shots
- Try to bank even on simple shots to raise your points
- The squares react just like the balls
- only use the "bowtie" power up when you have at least 4 clear shots and are really out of time, other wise you can waste this valuable tool.

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Re:Level 10 spoiler/hints

[Post New]by dancebear on Mar 28, 12 5:38 AM
Thanks this was very helpful. As a general review of the game I really liked it until level 10. It became very different and frustrating at that level. Previous levels required a bit of skill at shooting the marbles and I enjoyed these levels. In level 10 it became a matter of quickly finding two marbles touching one another and flipping one before the heartbeat started. Because of level 10 I can't really recommend the game. Otherwise it was fun.

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