Stuck again!!

[Post New]by WendyMarvell7 on Jan 3, 18 4:54 PM
OK I have a few quests I am stuck with and I just ventured into the kobold camp (avoided it completely up until now) I found the agreeable potion.... I tried making it and after I add the spider eyes (which I got in the shop in tor - the one that the sign looks like a bag its next to the food and stolen goods shops) it turns green and I add the rock powder to turn it blue but that's where I am stuck- to change it from blue to the next color the potion book tells me to "set it on fire until the flame burns true"---- how do I DO THAT!

QUESTS I am currently stuck on:
1. find a ledger: I know that shopkeeper in Tor has it but how do I get it from him?
2. legend of crab island
3. castle plans: it says search for the plans in the halaina library, the only library looking place is in the castle itself and I can see a tiny smidgen of door hiding behind the bookshelf my question is ---- is that where the castle plans are located?

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Re:Stuck again!!

[Post New]by JohnTonkin on Jan 25, 18 8:25 AM
To get the potion, hatch the dragon egg in the area that is an island below the kobald caves. Use the dragon to flame the potion at Ingrid's.
You need to get Rowen to fix the raft to get to crab island. After fighting the boss, I'm not sure where you get the hammer.
There is a library in Halaina up a little rise from the first row of buildings. (in fact two, but the one is mostly empty. Plans are toward the back.


Re:Stuck again!!

[Post New]by WendyMarvell7 on Feb 4, 18 1:35 PM
JohnTonkin- Thanks for that info... been working on the werebear quest the only thing I am missing from that quest is where the werebear entertains himself....
also would it be possible to give me a little more specifics on how exactly do I get the dragon egg? is it in the dragon wasteland somewhere? where to find Rowen?
Is there a specific trigger I need?
thanks again!!

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Re:Stuck again!!

[Post New]by IBmeWhoU on Mar 8, 18 9:17 AM
Go into the different "caves" in the kobold camp. One will have a plate on the floor, hit the plate and it opens up the bones across another doorway. Go in there, get the dragon egg and take it down to the portal island. It will hatch, cut scene and then you will have the dragon to use when the potions turn blue.

To get where the werebear entertains himself you need the resize potion which you get after you go through the dungeon maze under the castle (that little door in the hallway behind the king). Rowan will join your party after you have rescued Hiberu (spelling?)

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