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Pause game for 24hrs for magic food

[Post New]by waxtadpole on Dec 3, 08 1:02 PM
daandnite wrote:Hey folks,
Just found this out! If you are running out of food at the beginning of the game, you can put game into pause (at the options screen) and go back to it in 24 hours and your tribal leader can make more magic food! The game does not have to run at all during that period.

Right. I'm glad that this particular ability works according to real time and not to the "time" passed in terms of the game, as the fire and the orchard trees seem to do.

It took a dead village for me to figure out to pause the game every time, and have the kids go around and hunt for mushrooms while I am playing.

I find the honey particularly useless -- only two points per gathering. It costs more points than that, in terms of how much honey you have left. At least, that's the way it seems to me. I hardly even bother with it. The kids usually can find enough mushrooms for the food level to stay pretty constant, until the chief can make more magic food the next day.

You don't have to go to the Options screen to pause the game, though. Just hit the space bar, and "Game Paused" will come up.

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Re:Pause game for 24hrs for magic food

[Post New]by BossBrat on Jan 2, 09 9:49 PM
You can take your chief to the food pile every 24 real-time hours and he/she will make magic food. You DO NOT have to pause the game for this to work. It will work if you leave your game running.

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Re:Pause game for 24hrs for magic food

[Post New]by patyann on Jun 18, 09 5:14 PM
Yes you can leave the game running, but if you are really low on food then all the little villagers could die before the 24 hours have passed. For the first week or so I played my game I would play the game for about 10 minutes, having my cheif make magic food and then pause it for 24 hours, then have her make more food.

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