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where is the "cupboard"?

[Post New]by doozer23 on May 30, 10 12:56 PM
I am stuck at the beginning. I cleared the outside and the one room. Then I did the puzzle to see where to go next. It said "on the cupboard". I checked the hint on the only 2 locations available, and both times it said "search for more information" or whatever. I moved my cursor over everything and nothing is "hot". Where is this cupboard? I must be on level 1 because when I exited, it said it wasn't going to save because I hadn't finished the level. Help!! Cupboard anyone??

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Re:where is the "cupboard"?

[Post New]by Metamorph on May 30, 10 5:28 PM
Go in the house and look on the dresser/dishes holder. That is a cupboard. Up on the side of the Cupboard is a piece of paper. Click on it. There aren't any hot spots for these clues. But if you wait long enough, there are sparkles.

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