Missing Screwdriver?

[Post New]by Queen_of_Parts on Jan 4, 18 6:49 AM
I'm stuck at the Dry River/Vink's Camp.

I have collected the rough brush, after using the herbicide, and the strategy guide says that there should have been a screwdriver there too... but I don't have one in my inventory, and cannot access that area again.

I can't therefore progress with the game any further - help!!

I'm using MacOS Sierra, version 10.12.16, if that helps at all.


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Re:Missing Screwdriver?

[Post New]by pjries on Jan 4, 18 6:06 PM
I ran into the same problem. I used a hint and it showed me that I definitely do have the item. It's just not called a screwdriver in my inventory, though that is what it's called in the Strategy Guide.
Go to Vink's camp and try the hint and see if that works for you, too.

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Re:Missing Screwdriver?

[Post New]by Smoper on Jan 5, 18 7:14 AM
The Dragon Scale is the Screwdriver


Re:Missing Screwdriver?

[Post New]by MaryCricket on Jan 9, 18 7:25 AM
In the beta version, they called it the screwdriver,
then during the demo and after they writers indicated a screwdriver, they went and changed the name a and picture. the Screwdriver is now called "Scale" it looks like a purple cloth,

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