investigation 13

[Post New]by bozo65668sue on Oct 26, 08 11:40 AM
ok i am in the portrait room have got all the items also have the 20 pieces of paper everything has been marked off my list but now nothing happening. I am stuck in that room, are you suppose to do something with those 20 pieces of paper, I have clicked all over the room and can't find anything else to do. HELP HELP I AM STUCK

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Re:investigation 13

[Post New]by kwitmer on Jun 27, 10 1:21 PM
click on the picture of the little girl in green. right had corner you click on it, the 20 pieces of paper will fall out. you then have to click on each one of the to pick them up. there were two not on the floor, one on the ledge and one on the axe. hope this helps.


Re:investigation 13

[Post New]by purple4passion on Sep 28, 10 5:46 PM
Where is the knob that goes on top of the fountain?

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