Mr.Tohpams house

[Post New]by catloer on May 31, 10 5:28 AM
When you go into the tunnel and go into Mr.Tophams house what do you look for
he keeps coming out and finding me what do i do people keep lookin att my post no one is answering

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Re:Mr.Tohpams house

[Post New]by ojrufee on May 31, 10 5:35 PM
You need to look at the book on his desk, A Midsummer NIght's Dream, but be sure the cat has it's toy mouse before you do that.

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Re:Mr.Tohpams house

[Post New]by reickso on Nov 14, 10 10:02 AM
where is the mouse. My cursor points to the rug and allows me to look at the
floor but i still cannot find the mouse


Re:Mr.Tohpams house

[Post New]by donalisa on Dec 17, 11 4:00 PM
how do i get out of mr. tohpams house?

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