game problems

[Post New]by PaulKylie on Oct 26, 08 2:21 PM
ok this may sound stupid but......

i have installed HOCM- all goes fine ready to play,
nacy talks on the phone with ned lady in white goes past and nancy goes in to ditch,
at the screen were nancy is near her car i try to get her to walk and she doest, i click and hold and the character starts moving on the spot, its like she is stuck,
has anyone else had this problem if yes please tell me how to fix it

i do think its a program fault



Re:game problems

[Post New]by PaulKylie on Oct 26, 08 6:39 PM
thanks tonlee

i have done that already

just thought i would ask in the forums aswell



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Re:game problems

[Post New]by azjmarie on Nov 1, 08 12:15 AM
I'm having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution?


Re:game problems

[Post New]by deligirl102744 on Nov 1, 08 3:52 AM
I have had the same problem , got in touch with Live Chat, they couldn't help , ended up getting credit for game, I guess it can't be fixed. I even un-installed it twice, and nothing. If anyone has an answer let me know, They were real nice about the problem and I am sure they will be nice to you too.

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