Chat problem in Fairway Solitaire!

[Post New]by backchat123 on Oct 26, 08 2:22 PM
Has anyone experienced trouble with their chat when playing this game.....its only when I play this particular game that I have trouble with chat.... i
Is it just the site or just the friends dont have this problem when playing this game.....any suggestions would be appreciated...thx

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Re:Chat problem in Fairway Solitaire!

[Post New]by itsme07 on Oct 26, 08 2:52 PM
Hi backchat --

never had chat room problem, was blocked out of Mush "no cashier" for a long time, I finally said something....

best bet is to contact customer support

take a screen shot of the "incident" ie: the game play page, showing there is no chat -- if they "see" the problem, they can track it better. Add the screen shot as an attachment in the e-mail to customer support.

if you go to the HELP section and put attachments in the search box all of the instructions regarding how to take a screen shot and adding it as an attachment to the customer support ticket are there. In case you were wondering how and what I was talking about

Happy Gaming

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