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Post any County Fair technical issues here only

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 1, 10 1:38 AM
If you are having problems getting the game to work correctly, we highly recommend going to our Help pages. Using our Help pages is always the quickest way to get technical problems resolved. Here are a few suggested articles that have helped many people correct these types of problems in the past:

Frequent Crashing of Game
Game Compatibility

While we can offer a known solution for technical issues in the forums, or other tech savy pond residents can swim by with good tips and suggestions, we cannot provide the same excellent level of support provided by our Customer Support team. The forums are not very well suited for the kinds of information gathering and troubleshooting that get these types of issues corrected quickly. If there is a problem with the game, our Support Team can also gather necessary information on what types of computers are being affected by the problem and deliver this information to the developer for a fix.

If you are not able to get a game working properly using our Help pages, please get in touch with our Customer Support team, you can find a link to contact our Support team on the front page of our Help pages.


Re:Post any County Fair technical issues here only

[Post New]by kinance on Jun 6, 10 4:02 PM
On here earlier tonight , followed instructions to change a setting to get game to play now i cant find the same instruction to change setting back to original.....can anyone help.... i was told to put a slider all the way to the left ( it was far right) but dont know how to find it non of the games work...
Please if any one can help it would be great, as their after service is not worth talking about in the past . i have contacted them but not going to hold my breath for any help. thought id have better luck on here..
Thanks in advance for any help.


Re:Post any County Fair technical issues here only

[Post New]by Jenova4 on Jun 8, 10 1:22 PM
I was trying to play the game for the first time today, but the game immediately closed after clicking "Start" for the first level. I am updating my software for my Mac now, but I don't know if it will crash again.

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Re:Post any County Fair technical issues here only

[Post New]by Dandoo78 on Apr 17, 12 6:46 AM
My Mac is up to date, but the game won't load.
I can hear the music for the game in the background, but no picture.
It never comes up and works, always have to end up closing the game.


Re:Post any County Fair technical issues here only

[Post New]by Fruitbat2008 on Oct 26, 12 2:58 AM
This game is not displaying properly on my *brand new* computer. The computer I have is a PC running Windows 7 and is probably 2 Months Old at most.

Only the top left-hand corner of the screen appears. My screen resolution is very high indeed (1680 x 1050) so I cannot understand why this would occur.

My monitor is also less than 6 Months Old. It is a Samsung LCD - type display. The computer guy who installed the computer typed in the following at the "display" field: SMB2240W.

Presumably I have an *up-to-date* video card.

If the developer - TIK Games - reads these posts - note I am NOT IMPRESSED.

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