Mercedes and the Hotel

[Post New]by discodonna70 on Jan 7, 18 5:44 AM
I have two quests from Mercedes about the hotel (clean, get rid of ants, etc) and I'm sure the tasks will open up the three locations within the hotel. I've searched the scenes as prompted numerous times however no needed items are found to complete nor show any progress. HELP!!!

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Re:Mercedes and the Hotel

[Post New]by Dirk_Tee on Jan 7, 18 7:05 AM
The answers you seek may be in this old thread:

Short summary:
Some quests are out of order; you may need to do other quests in your queue before you get to the quests that direct you to find the items you need in the Hotel.
A warning: make sure you use the items you find immediately, do not quit your game in between or you may lose the found item.

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