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COTW 1/8/2018

[Post New]by dollyflower on Jan 8, 18 7:39 AM
Great game!!

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Re:COTW 1/8/2018

[Post New]by cathybobcat on Jan 8, 18 7:13 PM
Based on the demo, this is an eerie and macabre game like a Stephen King novel that you become immersed in. The graphics in the demo are very dark and shady adding to its ghostly atmosphere. The game play is concentrated. You feel as though you are in this abandoned school yourself....alone..but accompanied by...its ghosts of the past. It has a way of drawing you into its mysteries...revealing itself to you one click at a time.

The graphics could have been better in this demo. It was very difficult to see at times, but it was probably meant to be this way with the purpose of creating an uneasy atmosphere. You feel like you are on your own in this one...cold and chilling. The hos were quite challenging and took some time to complete...part of the reason being it was hard to find items because of the design of the hos. Some of the puzzles I found doable and some not, which I skipped...not a puzzle fan. You have numerous inventory to find, some of which you do not use for awhile, therefore, having to remember where you have been and where you have to return to. The hint is very helpful and there is a transport map. You also have a choice of play levels, which I always choose custom...with the hint and skip being at their lowest...this one is 10 seconds.

I have looked over the walkthrough and it appears to be a decent length...and we also will be able to get out of that spooky school, where hopefully the graphics will be more clear. Looks interesting...and I am looking forward to re entering this absorbing story. It's a great price for what hopefully will continue to be a great game, indeed~

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