Deleting Old Users

[Post New]by KatesMimi on Jan 8, 18 6:55 PM
Is there a way to delete old players of the game without having to delete the whole game and reinstall it? Usually you can delete old players, but I can't seem to locate that particular button.

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Re:Deleting Old Users

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jan 9, 18 7:43 AM
I don't remember if I've welcomed you to the pond before...if not, a belated welcome!

I haven't tried it but someone posted earlier if you hold down the mouse button over a player name you will get some kind of option to delete that player profile. Seems a design oversight to me as earlier JQ games made it far easier to delete old profiles. As a last resort, you could delete the saved game file from the appdata folder and that will erase everything as if you'd installed the game for the very first time.


Re:Deleting Old Users

[Post New]by KatesMimi on Jan 12, 18 2:19 PM
Thanks! I'll give that a try.

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