For Windows 10?

[Post New]by xoisme2002 on Jan 8, 18 8:38 PM
Is there any way to play this game once Windows 10 has been installed? My game shuts down every time I start to play.


Re:For Windows 10?

[Post New]by daniellesa on Feb 24, 18 12:30 AM
I manage to get it working, but there is an issue with the cursor where there is a black square around it, or part of the game. The graphics look weird and every now and again the game flickers as if its going to crash.

It was working fine on my laptop before, I only upgraded to 10 after a GPU failure, having been told it was more stable than 8. If I had known I was not going to be able to play this, I would have asked to keep 8.

There is a similar issue in Mystic Emporium, Chocolatier 2 & 3, but fortunately the games do not flicker as if they're going to crash. The issue is only confined to the cursor. They are still playable, if you ignore the flickering echoes of the cursor.

Big Fish and Microsoft have been utterly unhelpful when I appealed to them. The only respone I received was a free game coupon. If I wanted a different game, I wouldn't have purchased this one years ago. My second purchase, I might add, as I lost the code from Play First when I originally brought the game and moved to a new laptop, so I had to purchase it again.

I did find a workable version on Zylom, then Windows 10 went through another update and killed that version too.

If this doesn't get this fixed, and it doesn't look like anyone cares to do so, I shall have to resort to borrowing my Mum's XP laptop and play it on there.

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