9 star boulevard

[Post New]by hacksaw14 on Jun 2, 10 1:18 PM
Looking for a walkthrough for the 9 star boulevard level. Are you suppose to sell one of the sheep right away for water money? I've tried waiting for a wool to sell but sometimes the motorcycle is too slow in getting back to allow for water money.
Help! Thanks.

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Re:9 star boulevard spoiler

[Post New]by FawnMart on Jun 2, 10 3:05 PM
I sold one sheep soon as the game opens. Bought some buckets (10-15) to make cakes with the eggs. Upgrade the warehouse for when the bears come. Processed eggs through cakes or pancakes and sold. upgraded car one notch. Had the 20 eggs and sold ducks the second all 20 eggs done - before the bears arrived. defend the sheep- finish making and selling egg products -and start getting the decorations to make shirts. Keep the shirts working - sell off the products, upgraded the shirt maker when all decorations were bought- sold the sheep asap after the wool is collected. Its a busy approach but finshed between 10-15 seconds ahead of time (with a cocktail.. its needed to overlook the gun and horrible RR theme).

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Re:9 star boulevard

[Post New]by Lisrose on Jun 2, 10 6:03 PM
I sold two ducks immediately for water money and 4 dough, sold the animals as soon as they produced what was needed (this map was nice because it kept the raw product count, ended up at 3:56. Pretty sure on the winning time i didn't mess with processing the eggs beyond the first two stages after the first batch, focused on getting the costumes completed.

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Re:9 star boulevard

[Post New]by Amber81 on Jun 9, 10 9:30 AM
Thank you FawnMart! I got it with about 7 seconds to spare. I had to try it a few times to get it though. It seems like the last FF was a bit easier than this one. There are some that just don't seem achievable at all on this one!

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Re:9 star boulevard

[Post New]by tibicar on Jul 11, 10 6:35 AM
Thanks Lisrose. Used your method except only boughrt three dough as geese only laying three at a time. Fast clicked the three cakes all the way through the processes and then sold them, bought first fan and then pounded biscuits and sold animals as soon as poss.
Helps if you have someone watching you shoutng, wool on screen, fans, sell sheep etc.
Managed to time it so truck got back, upgraded dressery to three and sent last three dresses through at once. 10 seconds to spare.

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Re:9 star boulevard

[Post New]by Jenni8419 on Oct 5, 10 6:19 PM
Getting gold on this level is just not possible for me. I have tried both ways suggested in this thread, and I'm not even coming close. I need more details, or I need someone to post a different strategy that worked for them. Anyone else have any ideas? Please help.


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