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Re:I am stuck.

[Post New]by prpldva on Oct 26, 08 7:06 PM
Hi Morrie- Welcome to the forums!

Put the gold shield on the lazer bars in the back to block them...

I hope this helps


My grandson is stuck to samantha Swit

[Post New]by bessiebooh on Oct 27, 08 10:33 AM
Hi my grandson is stuck in the room where you have to allign the two lines with the tiles. Although we have tried everything its driving us mad also the game keeps freezing and we have to reload.
Thank you


Re:I am stuck.

[Post New]by Tony5001 on Oct 4, 13 4:52 AM
Big fish casino stole my gold bars, they are a fraud,

What can i do?

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:I am stuck.

[Post New]by ebiz on Nov 3, 13 3:48 AM
I am stuck where it says clear the wood out of the way and I have no tools...only a bow


Re:I am stuck.

[Post New]by Talewagon on Nov 27, 13 6:04 PM
Iam so sick of this. I really enjoyed the game until I came to the catacombs. Have never seen N GCHAD. How do you go back to start. A real ripoff. Stopped being fun for me.

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