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Antique Road Trip USA is a rip-off.

[Post New]by girlgotgame on Jan 9, 18 9:33 PM
After almost 3 years playing the free game, Antique Road Trip - American Dreamin'--I have just about done everything I could do. Many quests. Finished all but one special event (Valentine's Day--the next one up, so I'll be done, then), and I have no interest in playing auction--so I thought I'd "move up" to the pay for play game.

What a mistake! I have done everything I can do in this game in only a few days, including buying every possible thing for the shop decor. No special quests. No special collections. Only a few cities to visit. No leveling up. Nothing. What a waste of money!

Who knew the free game would be BETTER than the pay one?

Don't buy this. Play the free game, or look for a more challenging game--unless you want to play the same few HOGs over and over forever.

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