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New version available for Amazing Pyramids!

[Post New]by bfgTigris on Jun 3, 10 2:24 PM
We have a new version of Amazing Pyramids available now. This new version of the game updates level 3 bug (Level theme - Animals) .

We apologize for any trouble this may have caused. If your Game Manager hasn’t prompted you to run the update, here’s how to install the new version of the game:

Uninstall a PC Game
Open your Game Manager by clicking the Play My Games icon. Find your game and click the trash can icon.

Reinstall a PC Game
First, go to your Purchase History and click Install next to the game.
Second, select Run or Save File.
Third, if prompted, click OK or Run to open the game’s executable file and start downloading.

*If you have not yet purchased the game, find the game and reinstall the trial version (when available) to play any remaining minutes.

If you have any problems, you can contact our Support Team for more assistance. Just click on the green envelope on the right to go to our Help pages.

Happy Gaming!

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Re:New version available for Amazing Pyramids!

[Post New]by gelles on Jan 23, 11 10:28 AM
Hi! The 'animal' theme may have had some attention, but the recurring complaint I've read in the forum and experienced playing the game has not been addressed. I've just been unceremoniously kicked out of the game having completed 6 days puzzle pieces (hours and hours) and because I was thinking (not more than a minute) the game shut down.

You need a newer version of the newest version. Why does the game need to be on a timer. If the player does not mind wrestling with figuring it out, then leave us to it. It's our time.

Taking all of the accomplished puzzle pieces because of one mistake is tyranny! If this aspect of the game is not fixed, I'm done with this game. Will make sure to check who the creator of the next game I buy is, so as not to encounter such heartless wonders! Thanks!


Re:New version available for Amazing Pyramids!

[Post New]by goodoodreaming on Apr 20, 11 2:55 AM
My husband and I are good at spelling and words, but alot of the words are two single words strung together, and we can't get any where, by the time you chose letters that could fit thousands of words in the alphabet your blue juice is gone and you may as well give it away as a joke. Not even any clues or a theme for the words, waste of time.

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