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Crystal P friends/ gifting wands

[Post New]by 12earth45 on Jan 12, 18 5:40 PM
I am fortunate to have all avatars for this event. I will try to gift those hunting for globes/ socks/snowman/trees.

With fall event, it was 3 days before event ended that last ghost captured, and was gifted ghost catchers . Thank You!

Also trading with children for presents to gift all, most likely a few days before event closes!

Enjoyed this event—hope everyone able to obtain avatars.



Re:Crystal P friends/ gifting wands

[Post New]by lanky46musician on Jan 13, 18 12:52 PM
Thanks for your help and all of my other friends too. I had 60 wands and got my last stocking, my next to last gold globe and my third to last bronze globe. I also have 1 silver globe and 2 snowmen to get too.

Now that the CC is over I'm going to trade with the kids and get more wands that way too.

Thanks again for the wands,
dandy donna(that's the game that needs the wands) & DJ46


Re:Crystal P friends/ gifting wands

[Post New]by Hufflepuff on Jan 13, 18 4:23 PM
I want to thank all my friends who gifted wands! Otherwise I would have never got all items needed.

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Re:Crystal P friends/ gifting wands

[Post New]by PetraN54 on Jan 13, 18 7:35 PM
I have been gifting wands to my friends also. Everyone helps me with special items that I need, so this is my way of returning the favor.

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