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[Post New]by Taaja on Jan 12, 18 8:17 PM
Does anyone have the breeding combinations for the orange pompom and the yellow pompom? One is the rare and one is something else.

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[Post New]by FishyFemale on Jan 12, 18 10:07 PM
Pango and pompom is the only combination for the seasonal Hoola that you're asking about. It is the same combo for the rare version as well. Be aware that it is ONLY available in the app version of the game and NOT the one offered here at Big Fish. The PC version here cannot be upgraded because it's unable to be compatible with the app version so don't waste your time trying for the seasonals and rare versions of any monster if you're playing your game on your PC.

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[Post New]by Steeve_Sparks on Jan 16, 18 7:09 PM
The yellow and orange Pom Poms are Hoolas which are seasonal monsters only available during summer on Air and Earth Island. The yellow one is the normal version and the orange one is the rare version. Both can be obtained by breeding Pango and Pom Pom on the mobile version only. You cannot breed them in the PC version, even during the summer.

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