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Morphing Objects

[Post New]by distantsmoke on Jan 13, 18 6:42 AM
I'm at the beginning of the game. According to the strategy guide I should have found 2 morphing objects by now. I have looked at the screenshots in the strategy guide, but no matter how slowly, carefully or "intensely" I look, I still can't find them. I'm not new to these games. I love Big Fishes seek and find games. I just can't seem to find these morphing objects. Any help or suggestions or flat out pushes will be welcome.

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Re:Morphing Objects

[Post New]by millner7 on Jan 13, 18 3:27 PM
are you looking in the hops . each hop that has a morph will have card at top right hand corner . not every hop has a morph . hop this helps

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