using treasures

[Post New]by maggiemagpiem on Jan 14, 18 4:03 PM
I don't know how to use the treasures and I don't want to waste one by trying it incorrectly.
Also, one of the blocks (a treasure) is coloured purple, which confuses me, as I assumed that the colours of the blocks should match colours of the marbles.

Can someone please help me use them properly?

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Re:using treasures

[Post New]by skpjazz on Jan 14, 18 7:04 PM
I assume you are talking about the powerups that you receive when you 3 star the levels that have treasure chests by the level icon. I found that while you are on the map wheel, you can right click on the treasure/powerup and a popup will tell you what it does. The +10 will give you 10 extra moves, one of them is an earthquake which will shake up the marbles, and another that has a specific color with an X on it will eliminate that color. There are purple marbles on some of the levels, so maybe you're referring to the X powerup with that color?

Anyway, if you're able to get past level 30, please let me know, because so far, no one has! Good luck!

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Re:using treasures

[Post New]by CindyDean on Jan 25, 18 12:46 PM
skpjazz wrote:...Anyway, if you're able to get past level 30, please let me know, because so far, no one has! Good luck!

I think level 29 is the end. I did not realize this was a hybrid game. It is between buying a game and playing for free. I prefer to purchase games and play to the end. I was disappointed to realize we have to depend on the developers having the time to finish building the game. 8o(

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Re:using treasures

[Post New]by mirandashell on Jan 28, 18 7:07 AM

I thought if you'd paid money for a game, it was done. I don't mind waiting for FtP games to be further developed but it's damn cheeky for developers not to finish a game we've laid out good money for!

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