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Can't download game

[Post New]by Bagpuss22 on Jan 15, 18 1:59 AM
I've been trying to download the free demo for this game for days now, with no success. I've got the exe file OK. Then it takes me to the download queue on the games manager & says "Waiting to download" & then nothing happens. I'm on Windows 10. Any ideas?

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Re:Can't download game

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Jan 19, 18 5:18 PM
Hello Bagpuss22,

It sounds like there's been trouble downloading this game. I'm sorry the game doesn't begin downloading once it appears in the Big Fish Games app's Queue, and I'm here to provide some help.

When there are issues downloading a game, I recommend taking a look at the prompts the web browser offers (if any appear). I also suggest adjusting the network connection settings of the Big Fish Games app. Both processes, as well as several other options, are outlined in the help article below.

Problems Downloading or Installation Failed

If there's still trouble downloading other games (in addition to the trial version of Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition) then please contact our Technical Support Team. They'll be able to investigate this matter further in depth to ensure games can be installed properly.

Thank you for your patience. To ensure that the Moderation Team sees and responds to technical inquiries promptly, please post these questions to the designated thread below:

Please post any TECH ISSUES for Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition here.

This ensures we're aware of technical trends within the game and also helps us keep the forum organized. To ensure subsequent questions are directed to the thread above, I've gone ahead and locked this one.

Your understand is appreciated. If the need ever arises, don't hesitate to PM me or another moderator. We're here to help.


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