dynasty level 25

[Post New]by jdarrough on Jun 6, 10 7:59 AM
WOW! It blows to die over and over again on the second to last level. I die at least 20 times a day...it then makes you start over at level 21...and 12 minutes later you can die 4 more times. I am FRUSTRATED!!! Any body out there having the same trouble?? Any body have a solution for this level?

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Re:dynasty level 25

[Post New]by goldenrodfarm on Mar 15, 11 12:33 PM
Well I am stuck at I think it is level 23, where all the black ones come out, you can't do anything with them and things are moving too fast to always make the ones inbetween come out to an even 3 so the black ones come together, I have only passed this level once. What do you do with all the black ones????

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Re:dynasty level 25

[Post New]by squishy2020 on Mar 31, 12 3:44 AM
Patience, walk away when you are having trouble

Have completed Dynasty all levels twice now.

When the levels are not working leave it and come back refreshed

Keep looking for the power ups - reverse, explosion

The black dragons are rare, you just have to wait for luck

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