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Today's DD 1/15/18

[Post New]by cathybobcat on Jan 15, 18 4:29 PM
The only good thing I can say about this is the graphics were atmospheric and the hint very helpful in directing you where to go. Otherwise, it was horrid game play. The cursor was slow and jerky...hard backing out of scenes...had to right click to release an inventory item..You have multitudes of inventory, none that require additional items.... and many places to remember where they all go. You do quite a bit of traveling. I used the hint frequently because of the slow maneuvering of my cursor, which made it difficult to navigate properly. It was very frustrating. Maybe it was just me that had this problem.

There were no sufficient instructions for the puzzles and you will think there is no skip. I thought that there was no skip and had to do the clock puzzle myself. What I found was there is a skip, but you have to click on the skull in the lower left hand corner to bring those icons up which will appear in the upper right. I guess they want you to be telepathic and figure everything out for yourself, which I do not appreciate at all. I also do not remember any hints being available in the hos, which were very few.

This seemed like an extremely outdated game dynamically and I would not want this if someone gave it to me.


Re:Today's DD 1/15/18

[Post New]by roxyfoxy1 on Jan 23, 18 8:16 AM
Thank you for the skip help. Because of you I was able to complete the game.

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