Alvin room the dresser?

[Post New]by Barbara445 on Jan 15, 18 9:42 PM
Yes i am stuck on the warbode in her room. It is telling u to open it. But I can't ;find the missing leaf that is off the dresser. I have tried everything. Could somone that can help me. I am stuck at this part of the game. Thanks.


Re:Alvin room the dresser?

[Post New]by dicom289 on Jan 16, 18 8:05 PM
God me to I need an answer soon or I will loose it

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missing leaf on wardrobe

[Post New]by kandinsky on Jan 17, 18 12:18 PM
if I remember correctily, you have to leave that alone for a while and there will be a time when you will find the leaf and come back.

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