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divine calamity...

[Post New]by ember89 on Jun 6, 10 6:48 PM
...is my new best friend

anything that does over 6600 points of damage is just the greatest!

once i got my jaw off the desk and back in place, i just had to let everyone know... it really is a wonderful gift that adorimetra has given us...

happy bow-slinging!


Re:divine calamity...

[Post New]by tooslowglass on Feb 6, 12 5:05 PM
The experience I've had with Divine Calamity, Ember 89, is that when I use it against anyone really tough, it does only 30-60 HP damage. I've the Iridium Bow equipped, with Bullseye arrows. Is there different equipment that enhances Divine Calamity?


Re:divine calamity...

[Post New]by AngieBlaire on Sep 13, 12 8:21 PM
There's it's no equipment that is enhance that skills because it wasn't a skill you can just bought in the skills tree Most of the time Divine Calamity can only works well against bosses which is weak to Holy magic like Wolfgang, Prime Evils: Cowardice,etc

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