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Level 80......

[Post New]by golferette on Jan 16, 18 2:01 PM
I have been trying to solve Level 80 and getting nowhere...Any guidance would be most appreciated....thank you in advance

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Re:Level 80......

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jan 17, 18 5:24 PM
Unfortunately this game doesn't allow players to pull levels up on demand and endless mode is a random selection of levels. Not sure if it's one of the levels where you have to uncover "hidden" areas by using the assorted coil bombs to blast out locks until you get all the board uncovered, or if it is one of those levels with a really tight configuration of spaces where it's either use the rotate carefully to spin things out to more reachable locations, or if it's the type where you use the sliders carefully along with frenzy to create the remove color powerup and then remove colors.

If you are able to get a screenshot or a few and are willing to email me the image(s), please PM me for details.

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