Black Crow!?

[Post New]by AspenBell on Jan 16, 18 11:33 PM
This is still my favorite game to unwind and relax, and I've played it thousands of times. I completed it a long time ago, I just play it over and over. Tonight, I saw something I've never seen before, or... maybe once, long ago.
I was on level 19. A big black crow came flying in slowly and traversed my field left to right, hovering over a stand of corn. I thought he might try to eat it, like the lambs do, but he didn't. Didn't seem to hurt it in any way, I thought maybe he would drop poop and fertilize it!
I can't find any reference to this big bird. What's his secret? It sort of reminded me of playing the Coffee Shop game online, when the Pope appears in the crowd and buys coffee from your stand, and if he likes it he blesses you.

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