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Please get rid of the spam in this forum!!

[Post New]by dollfaye on Jan 17, 18 12:44 AM
I'm not clicking on one of them in order to report them as just never know.

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Re:Please get rid of the spam in this forum!!

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Jan 17, 18 2:48 PM
Hello dollfaye,

Spam can sometimes be very frustrating to see, especially if it stays in the forums longer than anticipated. For more information regarding this specific issue in the forums, please see our announcement regarding spam below:

An important announcement regarding spam posts - May 24, 2017

The Forum Moderation Team does its best to remove these posts as quickly as possible and we request and expect players to be aware of and abide by the rules while making posts of their own. Specifically, I wanted to remind our players of the following rule today:

Do not respond to or comment on posts or discussions that break the rules. Report the post or discussion to a moderator. Contributing, even to mention that something breaks the rules, keeps that discussion visible and aggravates the problem.

Thank you for reporting these posts in the future rather than making a thread regarding them. While forum users are unable to create links when they post, I definitely understand not feeling comfortable clicking on the thread to click on the "Report this post" button.

Thank you for understanding, and since this is discussing posts that break the rules, I'm locking this thread. Please feel free to contact any of our active Moderators in regards to reporting a post if that is more comfortable. We are happy to swim by to check something out and take appropriate action when necessary.


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