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The things you notice...

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Jan 17, 18 5:00 PM
After playing for nearly five years, I know the scenes well enough that I'm able to notice details that evaded me for a long time.

Overseas (including Canada), once you're playing anything other than fast shopper, all of the "variables" show up in each scene. In other words, the griffon in Italy can be seen on the wall, at the top of the pillar, and atop the archway. On the top of the pillar you can see all three items that can appear there...the race flags, the griffin, and the eagle. This is true in the other countries as well...BUT...the only place I've ever seen those actual items show up in picture or silhouette mode as answers is in Argentina, and I've had up to four of the five stars show up in picture mode. The stump in New Zealand is also crowded...dog food, watermelon, ax, and pumpkin all overlaid in any mode but fast shopper.

Who else has noticed "silly" things like this? I think it's fun to try to pick out the items that are never searched for (the picnic basket in Italy, e.g.).

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Re:The things you notice...

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Jan 18, 18 9:54 PM
Was just in Michigan and the hard hat was hidden behind the books. Just a teensy portion was showing. Had to be precise to click on it.

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Re:The things you notice...

[Post New]by Dirk_Tee on Jan 28, 18 7:43 AM
When playing Charleston, WV in Picky Shopper mode, there are 15 items that always have to be found:
caduceus, dumbbell, snail, scissors, crumpled paper, shell, watering can, rolling pin, sunflower, guitar, toy blocks, dragonfly, envelope, moon, toothbrush.
When some variable items appear (fire extinguisher, tv), they have to be found also.
So of the 22 to be found, there are only a few that you don't know beforehand.

In Margaret's House, GA in Picky Shopper mode, you always have to find these 20 items:
holster, umbrella, cupcake, sword, gyroscope, thermometer, vase, dart, spear, telephone, bowling pin, briefcase, baseball, phonograph, skull, barrel, record, rabbit, architect T-bar, tea cups.
When some variable items appear (totem, ...), they have to be found additionally.

When playing these scenes, I make it a game trying to predict what the next item will be and already move my cursor to that item.

In Pensacola, FL in Picture mode, all the items to find are always in the main scene.

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