Haven’t played for a while, won't be playing anymore.

[Post New]by Unshuffled on Jan 17, 18 7:00 PM
I think long long ago, before game saves I bought something from the app and then went on to get all of the gadgets to remove cards. Lost it all with a dead iPad and had to start over... it use to happen.

Played for a bit then found all the prices for items had tripled, so after getting the glasses I took a break.

Missed playing so loaded back up and started earning and what do I find? No more bonus items like the water hazard diuretic, sand blaster etc...

Turns out they were taken away from the game, but if you had them you got to keep them. This blows for new players. My wife plays and had all the toys so she starts with less cards and it’s easier for her.

Nice job with that [Removed by Moderator] punish new players and grandfather the old.

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Re:Haven’t played for a while, won't be playing anymore.

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Jan 19, 18 11:01 AM
Hello Unshuffled,

Thank you for your feedback about your experiences with Fairway Solitaire. It sounds like the game isn't as fun as it could be for you and I'd be happy to pass along your concerns to the appropriate teams so they know what you've experienced.

We definitely understand that in-app changes can sometimes make a game seem very different than what was first played in the past, and in addition to me passing this along to the appropriate teams for their purview, I'd like to invite you to contact our Fairway Solitaire Support Team who would be happy to try to help with some of these concerns as best they can with the tools they have available. Our Reps can also provide any further feedback you'd like to give while working with them, but I also completely understand if you'd prefer to no longer play and respect that decision. Thank you for letting us know your experiences either way; we appreciate it.

I also wanted to quickly remind our players to remain mindful of our Forum Rules while making posts or providing feedback, specifically the following:

Treat others with respect. Harassing, attacking, threatening, provoking, calling unwanted attention to, name-calling, insulting, or bothering other users, moderators, or Big Fish employees on the forums will not be tolerated. Play nice.

Keep posts family-friendly. Posts that contain defamatory, explicit, obscene, threatening, or offensive content will be removed.

Focusing feedback on what specifically could be changed in the game, or what would make the game better, can help moderators as well as the teams behind the game better understand what would make the game more fun and entertaining for our players. Thanks for understanding and abiding by those agreed upon rules.

Thank you all for your time, and if there are any further questions, please feel free to PM me or any of our other active Moderators. We are all happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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