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It seems that my old posts were deleted? Maybe the forums were reset when the game was released on PC? Anyway, since i am still stuck, I'll just repost my questions:

So, when exactly can we buy upgrades? I know we need at least $800 in profit. Does that mean $800 in profit (800 over daily goal) in one day? If not, where is the accumulated profit shown?

Is it the line "total" that shows up after each day? Because I have a "Total" of $3616 after week 2 day 4, and the "upgrades" option is still grayed out...

what am I not doing?


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How far along in the game do you have to get before you can buy upgrades? That option is still grayed out for me and I am in the middle of week 3...

Post any Hotdog Hotshot technical issues here only
posted in Hotdog Hotshot on May 30, 10 9:24 AM
When do we get to buy upgrades? That option is grayed out still and I am in the middle of week 3...


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HI there

Your original posts are here


When a game is released for mac first it gets confusing because Big Fish make 2 forums - 1 when mac released and one when pc verson released

They will probably merge the 2 later on.

The other forum is here

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Thanks govegril!

There was a duplicate forum created so we're going to go ahead and lock up this thread and direct folks to continue posting in the duplicate thread. Click here to continue the discussion.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Happy gaming everyone!


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