[Post New]by Arizsierra on Jun 8, 10 3:10 PM
Why don't all the puzzles allow you to play. I've tried twice to complete the block style one where you match three or more items and I am unable to move them.

Is it because I'm still using the trial version or is something wrong with the software?

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[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Sep 17, 10 3:20 AM
Hello Ariz

Not quite sure which block puzzle you mean. There should not be anything wrong with the software or the trial version. If what you mean is the mini game with the blocks that you have to fit together so there are no spaces, you need to move each block into the lower area of the screen. You can't move them together in the top part, where they appear at the start of the mini game. Hope that helps, but if not pls PM me. There's also a walkthrough which shows you exactly how it's done each step of the way.

Best wishes.

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