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 posted in Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing ™ on Sep 11, 09 12:30 AM
My download comes up trial expired.I have never done any beta testing so how is it expired????
 posted in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse on Aug 21, 09 1:16 AM
Yes that's what you do.I just love this game so far.Looks like it might last about 3 to 4 hours.A very different HOG.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jul 6, 09 8:17 PM
Just type it in with the dot com after it.All kinds of good info.
 posted in Enlightenus on Jun 30, 09 9:02 PM
lizoh333 wrote:I love the game and would buy it if I could figure out how to maximize the screen!!! I went into options and marked 'full screen' but it remains too small to enjoy. Any suggestions?

Try changing your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 before you start the game.This works for me most of the time if I run into a game that does this.Hope it works.
 posted in Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship on Jun 27, 09 7:17 PM
Margrave and Enlightenus running fine with Vista and IE7.I downloaded IE8 and had trouble with my BG games so I went back to IE7.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jun 26, 09 5:51 PM
You're welcome Gail.I 'm on my 3rd try.Still 2 eggs to find.Enjoy.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jun 26, 09 5:40 PM
They stay there until you use them.
 posted in The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore on Jun 21, 09 10:22 PM
Hi Barb,
I bought the new Sunset from GH.It's running fine.No problems.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jun 16, 09 12:05 AM
Subsoap wrote:raystownlady,

Thank you for reporting this. Did you build the computer or was it prebuilt? Does it have a model number ( so I may look up all of the hardware spec in detail ) that I could look up? Thank you!


It's an inspirion 9400 built by Dell.
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Jun 15, 09 8:53 PM
Mine is freezing too in different parts of game.Running Vista with NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS. I also have to shut down and start up again.I contacted CS with a DR.Felix report.Haven't heard back.
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch on May 31, 09 8:26 PM
Hi,I think the file for this one is larger but the first one is still worth getting.I think it was one of the better games.Only my opinion.Try the demo and decide.
 posted in Liong: The Dragon Dance on May 30, 09 12:34 PM
tigris_nl wrote:Where can I get a coupon for these games?

I'm more then willing to buy them, but I thought I'd check first!


As far as I know there hasn't been a coupon for this game.
 posted in 3 Cards to Midnight on May 18, 09 12:46 PM
RTR is hard to compete with but out of the most recent games I think Flux Family Secrets was pretty good.3 Cards is ok but I personally liked Flux Family better.Try the demo of each and see which you like better.
 posted in Dracula Origin on May 14, 09 2:21 PM
You beat me to it PrplDva.Clicked to sign in and you had answered.Anyway just what Prpl said.Have fun.
 posted in Wandering Willows on May 11, 09 9:58 AM
nixyseven wrote:Who created this game?

I'd like to check and see if they have any others, and BFG doesn't list the game creator on the web page for most games.

I just noticed... participating in the WW forum made my rank jump to Starfish! LOL

Hi Nixy,I think PlayFirst developed this game.I was on the fence about getting it but so glad I decided to get it.I didn't want to quit playing and I liked that even after you finished the game you could keep playing to get all the awards.
 posted in Wandering Willows on May 8, 09 11:45 PM
Charm the animals in the tropics.
 posted in Wandering Willows on May 7, 09 8:51 PM
Keep trying.I charmed mine from the animals in the tropics.Good luck.
 posted in Wandering Willows on May 7, 09 5:40 PM
PetraElster wrote:Please,
which critters do I have to charm to get the eggshells?
I´m charming everything but the kitchen sink and can get no eggshells!!!

Petra,If I remember correctly,I think I charmed the critters in the area where the Professor is to get the broken
eggshells.Keep looking,I'm really having fun with this game.Even though I originally passed it up.I gave it another try and love making all the items you need.
 posted in Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan on May 1, 09 12:44 AM
Robilyn wrote:Can any one get out of the maze? I am still sea sick from the rocking boat, now I'm stuck in the maze. Please help.
You go out to the right and the exit is a little left of the bottom right side(if that makes sense,it will say exit).Anyway,I did get out but this seems like a basic HO unless it gets better.
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch on Apr 29, 09 6:47 PM
debby924 wrote:
debby924 wrote:I am in the part with cutting logs and i am sure it is to assemble a raft but it says use a tool and I cannot figure out how to use tool to collect last log...nothing turns blue to tell me where

You cut each of the trees down.
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